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The Freshwater Group was formed in 2005 to continue the work David Freshwater and his team had begun two decades earlier when they broke ground on their first community designed to serve older adults.  Little did Freshwater know at the time that developing such communities and the management teams to serve them would become a life-long passion for him, and those around him.

Serving the specialized housing, hospitality and healthcare needs of an ever-evolving market is challenging in and of itself. However, The Freshwater Group is never content with a run-of-the-mill challenge. It's in the business of pioneering new products and services, ones which not only anticipate market needs, wants and desires, but which also create them.

The core members of The Freshwater Group have worked with David Freshwater for many years at The Fountains, the company he built from nothing and sold for nearly $500 Million in 2005. They have seen industry trends. They have set them. Their work is simply not done. Quite frankly, it may never be. The aging of America's population has only just begun. And the territory that lay ahead for those of us hell bent on living to 100 will be marked by trailblazers like The Freshwater Group.

The Freshwater Group knows what's possible. They dream of it. The next generation to reach its 70s and beyond knows what it wants too. Its members want continued vitality, purposeful living and steadfast respect. They do not envision a lifestyle in which they are cut off from the culture and society that surrounds them. They want integration. They are thoughtful about the environment - perhaps their most important legacy - and they are not afraid of technology.

The Freshwater Group is driven by those same values and is building communities that show it.

David Freshwater is featured as one of the 10 People to Watch for 2008 in National Real Estate Investor.


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